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Cold & Dry Warehousing

SSSL operates cold stores across the East African region. All of our facilities meet HACCP certification requirements and all our facilities are also BRC-certified, giving you confidence that your food is safe with us.

SSSL Cold Storage

Warehousing Capabilities

SSSL has the expertise, resources, and technology to meet the most challenging of warehouse and delivery needs across East Africa. From solving packaging issues to streamlining distribution flow, our services are designed to give businesses more control over supply chain costs. We can help businesses fine-tune inventory according to seasonal demands while keeping prices low.

Our flexible warehouse services are tailored to suit your specific needs and budget. Our clients know from experience that SSSL thinks outside the box, creating innovative strategies to improve your agility, efficiency, and profits.

Warehousing requirements will rarely be identical from customer to customer – that’s why SSSL offers a fully customizable suite of services.

Regional Footprint

Pallet Positions

Cold Warehousing Capabilities That Set Us Apart

– Warehouse Management Systems (WMS )

– Security: CCTV cameras, gated facilities

– BRC Certification facilities

– Routine Warehouse maintenance

– 24/7 operations for several clients

– Quick startup for seasonal operations

Orchestrating with Precision

We understand that your supply chain is an ever-changing puzzle – that’s why we take pride in our flexibility.

Our warehouse capabilities include both seasonal shared use and dedicated year-round warehouse space. Our state-of-the-art facilities include Grade “A” buildings with co-packing capabilities, which is why Food Logistics Magazine has honored us with the “Top 3PL” recognition

All warehouse locations can be supported by our asset-based transportation services, freight solutions and contract packaging upon request. The diversity of warehouse services SSSL offers makes us a strong partner for a wide range of clientele. Our close proximity to manufacturing plants across the country, combined with our deep experience in logistics, “customer-first” responsiveness, and agile solutions to ever-changing markets, gives us the edge over the competition. 

Warehouse Technology

At SSSL, we understand the importance of technology in the role of managing our customers’ supply chains.

Warehousing can be complex—that’s why we constantly invest in some of the smartest IT systems to keep our customers’ operations running smoothly.

Looking for some technological specifics?  We invite you to take a closer look at what SSSL has to offer in the IT arena.


– Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

– RFID Bar Code Scanning

Global Standards

Affiliations and Certifications

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Whether you are looking to find a storage facility, transport your product anywhere or completely reimagine your entire cold-storage supply chain, we can help.

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