Reefer Storage & Handling

With certified MHEs and over 180 power plugging points, we can also support all your PTIs (Pre-trip inspections) plus reefer plugging requirements on a 24/7 basis.


– Full M&R capability with paperless process and electronic communication of estimates

– Integrated EDI to shipping lines and leasing companies

– Over 180 reefer plugin points

– Dynamic matching of gate and yard capacity and enhanced yard optimization

– Pre-arrival trip validation and processing of approaching trucks

– Direct communication with yard and gate controllers, forklift operators, and truck drivers

– Dynamic business intelligence for proactive operational planning, asset utilization, and financial data

Reefer cargo isn’t just any commodity stuffed into a container. If you’re using a reefer, it means that your goods are probably perishable, extremely sensitive, or possibly have a higher value than most other commodities. That’s why we stress the importance of special cargo handling for reefers.

SSSL depots ensure that reefer boxes are clean and in sound condition upon release for new transport.

Our other core services include:

  • Pre-Cooling
  • Reefer Monitoring & Setting Adjustment
  • Genset Mounting

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