Heavy Lifting Equipment Rental

We offer complete lifting solutions that range from conventional to highly innovative lifts. With highly skilled personnel and equipment, SSSL strives to ensure that every lift is performed safely and with utmost perfection. 

Heavy Lifting by SSSL

Heavy Lifting

SSSL’s heavy lifting fleet includes equipment to meet our clients’ needs. All our heavy lifting machinery are subject to rigorous maintenance schedules. Our diverse fleet of equipment ranging from 10tons to 250tons is available for large-scale projects throughout East Africa. This commitment to quality gives clients in every sector added peace of mind, knowing that well-maintained, modern and specialized equipment will be used to secure the critical path of their project.

The power of our equipment means nothing without creative engineering, a careful plan and the right expertise for a safe operation. We understand how to prepare and carry out lifting jobs in a way that delivers our customers’ projects on time. SSSL attends to each of the critical factors of heavy lifting in the greatest possible detail: engineered rigging studies are performed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency; objects are weighed and their centers of gravity are determined; plans are drafted to ensure that lifting operations fit the overall project path and contribute to optimization of project timings; and finally, SSSL’s lifting professionals execute the plan according to the highest safety standards.

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