Refrigerated Transport

Whether you’re looking to go 3 or 3,000 kilometers, less-than-truckload (LTL) or truckload (TL), domestic or cross border, we have you covered. SSSL’s exceptional food safety and cold-chain assurance team ensures the integrity, quality and freshness of your product, and gives you total visibility every step of the way.

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Truckload transportation

Safe and fast. Whether you’re transporting shipments locally, nationally or across borders, our sizeable fleet can meet your needs with both short-haul and long-haul TL services that maintain temperature controlled status no matter where you’re shipping. We serve all the major corridors within East Africa.

Less-than-truckload transportation

SSSL provides LTL transportation solutions for many types of frozen and refrigerated products, with deliveries to all points in Kenya and throughout the East African region. By consolidating several LTL shipments from multiple suppliers, you can move smaller amounts of product more frequently and more cost-effectively. In addition to our Standard LTL services, we also offer our Expedited multi-temperature service with the ability to cost-effectively split fresh and frozen goods in the same trailer. All services are available domestically and cross border.

Direct-to-store delivery (DSD)

Direct-to-store delivery involves close contact with your customer, making it a particularly sensitive service. At SSSL, we understand this service-sensitivity and have the experience to meet your unique DSD needs. Enjoy local, regional and national delivery services in all points across East Africa. Our transport team includes experienced professionals who recognize the vital role they play in representing our clients.

Additional services include:

– Routing and Sequencing

– Consolidation/deconsolidation

– Reverse logistics

Affiliations and Certifications

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Whether you are looking to find a storage facility, transport your product anywhere or completely reimagine your entire cold-storage supply chain, we can help.

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